For your Information Security Management System (ISMS).


Hold all information for your ISMS in one place with our pre-built Confluence framework.



Management of YOUR information

  • A framework to meet the ISO 27001 requirements
  • Collaborate with other users 
  • Produce and hold all information such as policies, applicable legislation, and documents in one place
  • Enable version control to track changes

Inventory of ASSETS

  • Use our pre-built tools to keep your information assets all in one place 
  • Provide reference to your risks, policies and controls by linking to these for easy access 
  • Update your information assets as required


  • Use our pre-built risk management methodology and tools to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat risks
  • Manage and monitor your risks 
  • Update, change, and add your risks as required 

Statement of Applicability

  • Use our Statement of Applicability (SOA) template to select the controls required by your organisation 
  • Provide a full overview of your organisation’s information security controls in one place
  • Detail your reasoning for either inclusion or exclusion of controls using our pre-built template

Audits, Management Reviews and Corrective Action

  • Manage and provide information for your organisation’s audits, management reviews, and corrective actions 
  • Use our template or leverage Jira to record any non-conformities and corrective actions that require being taken in response
  • Demonstrate continual improvement through tracking completion of changes


  • Provide evidence that your organisation manages incidents, if and when they occur
  • A dedicated environment for your organisation’s business continuity 
  • Identify, analyse and implement corrective actions to manage incidents