Consider your organisations business continuity and crisis management plans

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Business continuity and crisis exercising

  • How effective is your crisis management plan?
  • Are your senior leadership familiar with it?
  • Have people or procedures changed?
  • Are they up-to-date?
  • Are your team trained and familiar with their roles in a crisis?

Resilient IT has a full range of crisis management exercise options to validate your plans, rehearse procedures and prepare your people, from the strategic senior management level to the tactical level and operational staff.

All our exercises are designed as leading exercises, not as tests that can be failed. We can apply or reduce pressure as required as the exercise unfolds, allowing staff to develop and gain confidence in their roles.

We have designed, planned and delivered successful exercises repeatedly for many different organisations of all sizes.

Exercises may be delivered as individual events to meet a specific crisis management objective or scenario or as part of an ongoing developmental programme designed to increase the long-term resilience of your organisation as a whole.

Exercise Options

Resilient IT’s exercises range from a simple walk-through of Incident and Crisis Management plans and table-top exercises to national resource-intensive simulations of crisis scenarios played out in real-time.

We Offer

  • Crisis Plan Walk-throughs
  • Table-Top Exercises
  • Full Simulation Exercises
  • Live Exercises
  • Crisis Communications Exercises
  • IT Disaster Recovery Exercises

    Our Clients

    Resilient IT has worked with many clients, from small start ups taking on the world, to the National energy sector, Councils, Ports, Banking and Finance.