We offer a range of courses, varying from Business Continuity Management to Disaster Recovery, and Incident and Crisis Management Training.

We also partner with BSI Group in the provisioning of a number of ISO courses.

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Business Continuity Management Workshop

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Develop and implement a robust Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery programme and embed this into your organisational culture

Incorporate essential requirements of ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management and The Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines into planning, development and implementation.

Gain further confidence in your organisation with the effective validation of your BCM programme through test and exercise.

This unique two-day course provides a solid foundation in understanding the Business Continuity Management Lifecycle, addressing:

  • Day 1 – BCM Framework, Programme Management, Policy Development, Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Day 2 – Design Strategies (including IT/DR) Development, Implementation of Plans, Validation and Exercise

This course is participant focused and offers hands-on training that makes learning interesting, engaging and meaningful, helping students form a strong understanding of the core concepts of BCM.

This course is designed for those responsible for BCM and IT DR in all types of entities, CIOs, IT Managers, Data Centre Managers, IT Advisory Consultants, Risk Managers, Auditors and those responsible for incident and crisis management.

Train The Trainer Workshop

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Train and develop your internal Business Continuity or Emergency Management Team to facilitate ‘Incident & Crisis Management Training’ to their internal staff.

    • Provide skills and competencies to develop practical, engaging scenarios using incident and crisis management principles.
    • Structure the participant learning process and effectively communicate to the learner.
    • Guide the participants using the ‘training tool-kit’ to deliver value to their trainees and streamline the training programme.
    • Apply the training ‘life-cycle’ in the designing, developing, delivering, and measuring effective training. 

This highly interactive one-day workshop focuses on the local incident and crisis simulations most relevant to your organisation and will work through the full exercising life-cycle from scenario selection to management report. The workshop will be delivered in 4-modules.

Module 1 – Programme Management – Needs analysis, developing objectives, resource requirements, logistics planning and definition of the success criteria.
Module 2 – Preparation – Threat/risk identification, scenario selection, exercise structure and note-taking/observation sheets.
Module 3 – Execution – Development of exercise timeline, injects, Flash Cards, wild cards using the ‘training tool kit.’
Module 4 – Observation and feedback – Stand-down procedures, hot debrief, consolidation and management report.

This course is designed for IT Managers, IT Operations, IT Advisory Consultants, and those responsible for incident and crisis management.

disaster recovery Workshop

Based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and effectively integrated with the BCM ISO standard – ISO 22301:2019, this more technical workshop is helpful for IT professionals looking to implement a robust and resilient IT DR programme.

This unique one-day course provides a strong introduction to the Disaster Recovery aspects of the Business Continuity Management lifecycle addressing:

  • Policy, Programme and Embedding Business Continuity Culture
  • Business Impact Analysis (including IT operational)
  • Risk Assessment
  • IT Design Strategies and Tactics
  • Implementation and Validation

Those who will benefit from this course are those who are responsible for Disaster Recovery, IT Operations, IT Management, and Backup Operations in all type of entities. Also, Business Continuity and Risk Practitioners, CIOs, Data-centre Managers, IT Advisory Consultants, Risk Managers, Auditors and those responsible for incident and crisis management.

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BSI management systems training

ISO Courses

We partner closely with BSI Group in the provision of the following ISO courses:

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS): Training Courses

  • Requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – 1 Day
  • Implementing ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – 3 Days
  • Lead Implementer ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – 5 Days

Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS): Training Courses

  • Introduction to ISO 22301:2019 – 1 Day
  • Implementing ISO 22301:2019 – 3 Days
  • Lead Implementer ISO 22301:2019 – 5 Days

Speciality Business Continuity Management Systems
(BCMS): Training Courses

  • Crisis and Incident Management – 1 Day
  • Business Impact Analysis – 1/2 Day
  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP), Principles, and Practices

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
(OH&SMS): Training Courses

  • ISO45001 Requirements – 2 Days

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